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Finding My Roots ~ Original painting ~ SOLD

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Finding My Roots ~ by Hannah Dorman


There is a tree, that is me

Growing on a rock, on the edge of a mountain

Held fast by roots I cannot see.


What my tree reveals above the solid rock is only part of me

The rest lies beneath...unseen.


To search for my roots I must look inward

And journey through the rock into the caves beneath.


As I loose sight of the daylight I am used to,

I stumble on rocks and grab out blindly in the dark to steady myself.

The deeper I go I feel afraid


Afraid of what I might find

Afraid of what I might not find

Afraid I might loose my way


I wonder

Should I turn back from this uncomfortable exploration


But then


I notice a flickering light

A candle in the dark that draws me on.

Further still I go

Outside sounds become muffled and die away

Just the






Of water hitting rock somewhere in the dark, echoing around the caves.

When I reach the candle I see in the distance another flickering light

And venture on.

Another light appears

Then another

And another.


A path is appearing before me

And I feel comfortI feel assured.


Then, around a corner...there they are...filling a huge cavern


My roots


Dangling down from the ceiling above

Glowing before me.

I walk amongst them

Untangling the ones that are knotted and un-attaching the ones that have become stuck so that they may grow freely now.

I marvel that all this lay beneath my tree and I never knew.


I close my eyes


Breathing in

Breathing out


I feel peace


And I know that I am home.



~ Original painting. Acrylic on wood ~

By artist Hannah Dorman