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FREE SHIPPING TO UK & IRELAND ON ORDERS OVER £70 ( offer excludes home decor )

FREE SHIPPING TO UK & IRELAND ON ORDERS OVER £70 ( offer excludes home decor )

Meet Hannah Dorman

After 15 years in New Zealand I moved with my family back to the Northern Hemisphere to settle in Northern Ireland. Lured by the wild beauty of Strangford Lough and surrounding area, but also to answer the call of my heart to be closer to family.

Living on and sailing boats in New Zealand, Pacific islands and now Northern Ireland, has infused boats and a love of the sea, along with the feeling of freedom it brings, into my life forever.


Hannah Dorman Artist

My love of the sea is equalled by my love of trees, woodlands and wild nature places on land. I am increasingly drawn to connect more with wild nature and return to myself as part of it all. I hear the call of the wild and I am trying to answer it.

My art is inspired by nature, connectedness, mindfulness and sailing adventures. Vibrant colours, patterns, movement and a wee sprinkling of magic express the energy I feel about a place, idea or feeling.
Uplifting texts & whimsical images dance alongside each other in some pieces, hoping to delight and inspire.

To me art is about making connections.
When someone resonates with my work, it feels like I've shared a thought and realised that I'm not alone in that thought.


We live in a time when there is much to separate us from the wild natural environment which is our home and many distractions taking us further from our true self. I feel it is more important than ever to realise our connectedness to it all and re-connect.

I express creatively my appreciation for the beauty in our universe, our planet and the life on it.
I remember how unlikely it is to have won the lottery to exist, how amazing our minds and bodies are, and that we are only here for a tiny moment in the vast history of the cosmos and what a privilege that is.

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